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I want to make a world public!

Want to make your world public? We'd love to help you show the world your creation! Make sure that your world performs well (for both VR and desktop users-- ask your friends!) and that you are not violating the VRChat Terms of Service or Community Guidelines with the content you are uploading. Make sure you've done all the work to get your world ready! Changing a public world means you have to be reviewed again, and that means waiting for your submission to be checked.

Basic Rules
- World submissions will be approved within 24-48 hours.
- You cannot submit more than one world for review per 24 hours.
- Worlds are expected to perform at 90FPS for a single VR user with recommended PC specifications.
- If a world is marked with "Performance Issue" with no other feedback, it did not perform well enough (see above)

- If a world is marked with "Performance Issue" 3 times in a row, there will be a 1 week delay before it will be checked again.
- Terms of Service violations will incur a 1 week penalty until next review.
- If a world violating the Terms of Service is submitted repeatedly by the same user, the user may suffer moderation action.

Once you're ready, submit your world! For now, we're using this this form.

Once you submit your world via the form, do not upload a new version of your world! You can check this form for the status of your submission.

If there are any problems with your world, you'll get feedback in the "Feedback" column. If you have questions about details regarding a denial, or want more information regarding a ToS violation, please email hello@vrchat.com with your VRChat name and the world's ID.

Once again, keep in mind that updating a public world will force it private again! Try to keep two copies of your world-- one that you keep public and update less frequently, and one that you update often for testing purposes, but keep private.

If you want to update a world that is already public, upload the new version of your world to the public world ID, and submit it normally using the form above.

If you are updating a world that has already been public, please use the same ID!