I'd like to change my username. | VRChat Knowledgebase

I'd like to change my username.

Changing your username can be done at most once per 30 days. This policy may change at any time, with no notification.

Please email us at support@vrchat.com from the email address that you registered your VRChat account under. Include your current name and the name that you wish to change to.

Keep the VRChat Community Guidelines in mind when asking for a name change. Names cannot be offensive or rude language, nor can they be intended to impersonate another user. Names that are judged to have a malicious or detrimental effect on the rendering of the name in-app will not be approved. Other name changes may be denied on a case-by-case basis.

This will only change your display name, the name that you log into the app with will remain the same. You can always just use your email address to log into the VRChat app.

Please note that you may only change your name once per 30 days.